As a church family we are on a journey together, inspired by the vision and values of the church described in Acts chapter 2.

We are trying to take this journey as a family with a distinctive urban worship style which is open to where the Holy Spirit may take us. We try to accept people as they are but see them as what they could become; offering care, generosity and a sense of belonging to people while they work out what they believe. We aim at being distinctive and relevant within our local community, and we look to be creative in everything we do. We may not always get it right but believe that we are on a journey heading in the right direction.

We meet together in small and large groups for fellowship, teaching, breaking bread, eating together, prayer and praise.

We pray for each other in small groups, offer prayer ministry as part of our Sunday meeting or in a more confidential setting; pray together in creative ways for the life of our church, our city, and our nation and gather with other churches to pray for our city, our nation and beyond.

We are open to the way that God works in awe and wonder, and hope to travel much further on this journey.

We try to share what we have generously with each other and people in practical need and remain inspired by the way that the first Christian believers shared everything.

We are passionate about worship and see it as a way of life.

We seek to work in partnership with people and organisations who share our values and care for our local community, in the hope that we can serve people along side others.

We have two core areas of outreach. We aim to bless local families through schools work, children and youth clubs and large family events. We work with others to address some of the practical needs of our local community in terms of debt, welfare, housing and addiction. We try to support members of our church family as God calls them to serve their local communities, and we join with other churches in Derby to serve our city together.