Welcome to Ozzy Road, an inner city church family in Derby.

THE BLOGS BELOW GIVE INFO ABOUT LIVE STREAMED SUNDAY WORSHIP @10.45am AND MIDWEEK MEETINGS. Please check the calendar for more information. Find out more about us, where we are and how to get here. Graham Watkins, Pastor

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Sundays and Midweek program

13th October 2020

On Sundays we are currently offering the option of live streaming on YouTube and using the “live chat” function to interact.  Each Sunday...

Slovakian Roma Ministry

12th October 2020

In August 2019 a group from Ozzy Road went returned to the Roma ‘villages’ (unfortunately a more accurate word would be ‘slums’...

School of the Holy Spirit (I.S.L.S.D.)

10th October 2020

Derby Urban Church is delighted that the “School of the Holy Spirit”, a bible school for young potential leaders within Roma Churches in B...

Family Groups material

23rd December 2019

A selection of bible studies, thoughtful video reflections and teaching to watch online or download for use in Family Groups is here including reflect...